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MUST READ--- Updated 10/25/2016

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER--- Updated 10/1/2016
Message to Parents about Game Days
Remember that it is important players are hearing a consistent message in the coaching information relayed to the field
By doing this we are aiming to create players who can;
1. Try to anticipate what is going to happen next in the moment and/or play.
2. Make their own decisions good or bad. This is a big part of how players learn.
3. Communicate effectively on the field by being able to hear each other giving information within the moments of each play.
4. Focus on the positioning of team mates, opponents, the ball and the spaces on the field in order to make the right decision. This is hard enough for a young player, but even more so when there is lots of superfluous conflicting information and noise coming from the sideline.
All of the above helps your child individually and our team collectively be better!
Please do continue to give positive reinforcement to all of the kids during good soccer moments within the game, the coaches and the kids appreciate that!

For those who love to read, here is a pretty cool article explaining the above in more detail. Just copy and paste the link below.

Concussion Information--- Updated 2/19/2015

FOR ALL PLAYERS--- Updated 4/4/2014

HELPFUL LINKS-- Updated 4/4/2014